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Type C Charger

6ft usb cable type c fastcharger for samsung galaxy s8 s9 s10 s20 note 9 10 20. This is a high-quality 6ft usb cable type c fastcharger that lets you power your devices while you work. This cable type c fastcharger is made from top-quality materials and has a long 6ft.

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This type c charger is designed to help with fast charging for your favorite samsung galaxy s10 s9 s8 note 10 9. This fast wall charger type c cable provides a data rate of 50 w per hour so you can enjoy fast charging even when your phone is run down. This cable is also compatible with oem samsung devices and offers a fast wall charger type c cable for those who want the best fast charging experience. this is a magnetic led light up charger cord for iphone type cmicro us. It features a led light up logo and is made of durable plastic. It is easy to use and will help your device get power. the braided usb c type-c fast charging data sync charger cable cord 13610ft long is perfect for using with a computer to allow it to share data with others while they are connected to the computer. This charger has a new, innovative design that allows the data to flow smoothly from the computer to the charger and back to the computer again while the user is still connected to the device. With this cable, you can leave your computer and have power available to your device without having to worry about juggling both sets of hands. The cable is 3610ft long and has a fast charging benchmarked connector.