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Tesla Portable Charger

The Tesla Portable Charger 2, 0 is a workhorse of chargers. With its steel grey finish and two watt hours of battery life, the Charger is ready to go right away, and with its built-in battery and fast charging, it can take the load off of your battery life.

Tesla Portable Charger Amazon

The Tesla Portable wireless phone Charger 2, 0 red is an enticing way for suitors who crave a smart, Portable wireless phone charger. This Charger is compatible with apple and android devices, and will let you have all the power you need to stay connected without leaving your living room, the Tesla Portable Charger is designed to help you charge your Tesla car or phone. This black allow you to charge both your Tesla car and your phone at the same time, the Tesla Portable Charger is uncomplicated to adopt and gives a built in 10 w power supply that will help you charge your Tesla car or phone. 0 is an amazing product! It is both facile to adopt and reliable, the wireless transmission makes it facile to stay connected with your devices. The red apple android compatible surrogate makes it look more beautiful, it is again water resistant which makes it top-rated for use on wet surfaces. The Tesla Portable Charger is top-of-the-line for your Tesla car, it discounts your need to carry around a battery and a Charger with you wherever you go. This Charger is moreover compatible with apple's lightning micro usb interface so you can quickly and easily connect to your tesla.