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Ps4 Charger Cable

The new playstation 4 controller usb charge cable kmd is a great way to avoid being charged up each time you play a game or use a app. This cable allows you to play your games and applications without having to worry about taking the time to power them down and then re-power up. The cable is also great for carrying around when you're not using it, so you can stay connected with your gaming experience.

New Extra Long 5 Feet PlayStation 4 Controller USB Charge Cable PS4 Charger Cord

New Extra Long 5 Feet

By Unbranded


15ft Micro USB Data Sync Charger Charging Cable Cord LG PS4 Xbox One Controller
(2 Pack) 6FT Type USB-C to USB-C Cable Fast Charging PD Cord Rapid Charger OEM

(2 Pack) 6FT Type USB-C

By Y-Tech®


LED Light Up Charger Charging Cable USB Cord For PS4 XBOX Android Iphone Samsung
NEW 5Ft Extra Long USB Charger Cable Cord Wire For Microsoft XBOX ONE Controller

NEW 5Ft Extra Long USB

By Unbranded/Generic


Sony PlayStation PS4 Wireless Controller Remote Control USB Charger Cable 10Feet

Sony PlayStation PS4 Wireless Controller

By Original Technology ROHS


10ft Micro USB Extra Long Charger Cable Cord Xbox One PS4 Dualshock Controller

10ft Micro USB Extra Long

By Unbranded/Generic


Ps4 Charger Cable Walmart

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Top 10 Ps4 Charger Cable

Thisps4 charger cable provides an extra long length to power up your ps4 before using it while it is on thego. It is also super fast to transfer data between your ps4 and your pc. So if you are looking for an excellent way to get while away from your computer, then this is the perfect choice. this durable micro usb cable is perfect for fast charging devices on your playstation 4. The cable is also expedition-quality at 5 meters. this micro usb charger cable is 10 feet long and features an extra long lightning connector for extra quick and easy charging for your xbox one, ps4, and other devices. It also has a dual shock connector that allows you to charge your controller with both usb type-c and usb 3. 0 ports. This cable is also equipped with an extra-long data rate (5g) connector for transmitting and receiving data quickly and easily. this ps4 charger cable is perfect for those who want to use their ps4 but don't have a port to plug in. This cable has a new ps4 charger cord for a better performance. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around.