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Pokeball Portable Charger

The new Pokeball Portable Charger is a terrific alternative to keep your pokemon hugged while you're on the go, this Portable Charger comes with an 3. 6 v 5000 mah battery that will power up your pokemon until you can take them back to the cares.

Pokeball Portable Charger Amazon

The new Pokeball Portable Charger is a top alternative to keep your phone ready for battle, this Charger is 3. 6 v5000 mah and comes with an 3, 6 mah battery. It can be used with or without the help of a battery, so you can stay in touch with your friends and family, the think geek poke ball Portable Charger is best-in-the-class for people who adore to play pokemon. This Charger is designed to keep your phone in good condition while you work on your house, the Charger provides been designed with a main battery port and a multi-port usb-a port so you can easily transfer your battery data to your phone. The Charger is furthermore battery-powered so you can stay in use long after the sun presents set, the Pokeball Portable Charger is enticing for your phone or tablet. It can be used for 1300 of power and keeps your device running for up to two days, the Pokeball is excellent for use on the go and can be attached to your clothing to provide extra power to your device. The poke ball Portable powerbank is splendid for when you need power, it features a hand warmer function and a Portable Charger so you can stay charged all day long.