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Mini Usb Charger

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Mini Usb Charger Amazon

This Mini Usb Charger is for the iphone 13 pro max 12 pro max 20 w usb-c fast power adapter, it is in like manner compatible with the Mini Usb cables for the iphone 13 pro max and the iphone 13. This Charger presents a plastic design and is about 2, 06 inches wide, 0. 88 inches tall, and 0, 79 inches wide. It is powered on by the usb-c fast power adapter and provides 20 watts of power, this Mini Usb Charger is designed to charge your devices using the 20 w Usb c fast wall charger. It comes with a max power of 131211 for iphone ipad 2 and 2 and is powered by the 20 w Usb c fast wall charger, this Mini Usb Charger is top-grade for use with devices like the ipad 2 and 2 this Mini Usb Charger is an original fast charging 20 watt usb-c power adapter cable for the iphone 131211 pro ipad. It provides power for your ipad or iphone from the next room or tree, this cable is further original and faster than standard usb-c cables, so you can easily and quickly charge your device. Mini Usb Charger anker 20 w nano wall Charger for iphone 131211 pro Usb c fast charging this product is a top-of-the-line addition to your iphone 131211 device! The Charger allows for fast and secure wall charging, making it a best-in-class alternative for admirers with a full house of devices.