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Micro Solar Panels And Battery Chargers

Micro solar is a brand that specializes in creating innovative battery charger solutions for on-the-go users. This new charger for cell phones and devices is 7 watt and will work with any power supply. With it, you can get power to your device to help keep you going in need.

Micro Solar Panels And Battery Chargers Target

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Top 10 Micro Solar Panels And Battery Chargers

The micro solar panels and battery chargers are designed to allow you to charge your cell phone or device using the appropriate port on the charger. The charging process is simple and your device will be charged in no time. this is a joos orange solar panel and battery charger cables and attachments set. It includes charger, eties, a conversion tool, and a guide. It allows you to charge your micro solar panels with standard usb cables. The cables are also perfect for using with devices that need power. the joos orange solar panel charger cables and attachments are perfect for using micro solar panels or battery chargers with standard micro usb cables. The cables arestyled to fit into standard micro usb ports, and come with joos's own attached ratings and connectors. micro solar panels and battery chargers are perfect for on-the-go users who need the power to run their home and business with solar energy. With this unit, you can use the solar panel to charge your cell phone or device, and the battery to provide power for a 5v device. Ocom when not in use, the solar panel can provide power to your home or office with a 5v device.