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Macbook Pro Usb C Charger

This genuine 61 w usb-c power adapter for Macbook Pro 13 15 16 2022 air 13 is a first-class power supply for your Macbook Pro 13 15 16 2022, this power adapter is no less than authentic and is an outstanding alternative for a shopper scouring for a high-quality and dependable power supply.

Macbook Pro Usb C Charger Walmart

This is an 100-genuine apple Macbook Pro 13-61 w usb-c power adapter charger, it features an 13-61 w uso power capacity and is compatible with the current Macbook Pro design. It can also power other in the home or office while they are away from the computer, the Macbook Pro Usb C Charger is efficient and provides good performance for its type. This Macbook Pro Usb C Charger is a top-rated surrogate to get your device up to battery life! This sterling part also comes with a genuine power adapter so you can easily get your device run on electricity! The Macbook Pro Usb C Charger is designed to let you power your device up to without needing a separate power cord, so on the that wanting for a Charger that will let your Macbook Pro run off of battery life, 87 w Usb C original Charger for 2016-2019 Macbook Pro 15" genuine power is a terrific option! This is a genuine oem apple Macbook Pro 61 w usb-c power adapter charger. It is new and offers the apple logo with canson's definition on the side, this Charger is for the Macbook Pro 61 this is an original oem apple 13 Macbook Pro with usb-c port 61 w charger. The Charger is an 1718 and it is included in the package, it is a standard usb-c Charger and it extends a standard cable. This Charger is required for usb-c devices.