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Fitbit Charger 2

This Fitbit Charger is top-quality for enthusiasts who yearn for a two-prong Charger option, it features a two- prong wall outlet connector, so it can be used with equalizers or with outlet protectors in mind. The black makes it look good, and the micro-dose Charger is on the small side, but it gives you a lot of power to deal with, the included cable is furthermore short, making it top-of-the-heap for systems like iphone and android phones. The Fitbit Charger 2 is available in brown and black.

Charger For Fitbit Charge 2

This Charger is for the Fitbit charge 2, it lets you use your compatible devices with fast power cables. The black cable is first-rate for use with your Fitbit account or other account with fast power, the high-quality cable is 3 feet long and licensed and certified to handle Fitbit account's fast power. This Fitbit replacement Charger is for the Fitbit versa 2 smartwatch, it is produced from durable plastic and presents a chic design. The Fitbit replacement Charger is basic to operate and can charge your smartwatch both on and off the grid, it presents a sleek design and is rechargeable, so you can stay connected to the care of your fitness. This is an 2 x usb Charger charging cable for Fitbit luxe, it comes with a replacement 50 cm cord which can be used also for other devices. This cable is fabricated from long-lasting materials and will keep your device Charger happy, this Fitbit charge 2 cable is for power charging your smart watch. It gives a black color and it is very basic to find a place to store or store in a budget for you, this Fitbit charge 2 cable is a practical alternative to be able to charge your smart watch while you are out and about.