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Fitbit Blaze Charger

This charging cable for the Fitbit Blaze is practical for suitors wanting to power up their watch with a battery or battery pack, the cable options to create a standard usb power cord or use an 3. 3 in, type-3 stainless steel connector, making it top-of-the-line for most applications. Either terminated with a short cable or with a logo, the cable is designed to make citation machina more efficient.

Fitbit Blaze Charger Walmart

This charging cable is excellent for folks who wish to operate their Fitbit Blaze watch as an usb charging pad, the Charger can safely store energy and give you plenty of power to charge your devices. This cable is additionally comfortable to use, making it an ideal way for long-term use, this Charger is for the Fitbit alta hr and surge versa flex. It comes with an 2-year warranty, it charges the these devices at 3 ghz with 20 ma power supply. This Fitbit Blaze Charger is for your phone or computer with an usb connection, it provides up to 40 watts of power and is compatible with the Fitbit Blaze fitness smart watch, making it a top-of-the-line alternative for people who have a slow or low speed biz or have biz presence that can take long hours to finish. With its sleek design and removable cable, this Charger makes it facile to find and use, this is a top-rated gift for the Fitbit Blaze lover in your life! This usb Charger cable dock stand will help you to keep your watch charging while you are on the go. It is conjointly facile to operate and allows you to charge your Fitbit Blaze while on the go.